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Pet control poles, also called catch poles, are designed to gently guide captured animals from place to place safely, for both the animal and the handler. Using this animal control equipment correctly is very important, but they can be indispensible tools for animal control needs. We carry a wide variety of animal catch poles, so you can be sure to obtain the best animal control equipment for your needs. For fast and humane pest removal in Fort Worth any time of day or night, you can count on the professional services of Wildlife X Team!

Fort Worth Wildlife Pest Removal and Critter Control

About Animal Control Poles: Pet control poles are made of a strong, usually lightweight aluminum posts with a noose by the end which will tighten with pressure. Control poles’re normally used with canines, and can be utilized in both a pet rescue and pet control capacity. Because the noose can tighten, it could injure animals and place them in peril, and can be used with the entire knowledge of the utilization and dangers.

Here are a few advantages and risks connected with animal control poles:

  • They are extremely useful in guiding pets out of tight areas and cages, and keeping the handler safe and sound if the pet is showing aggression.
  • They supply the handler extra reach while keeping a safe and sound distance.
  • May help restrain wildlife without needing to touch the pet, and will allow evaluation safely for both pet and handler.
  • There is a sizable margin for mistake when working with this control tool, specifically since it is tough to correctly place the noose on the pet.
  • Cannot be utilized on a wide selection of animals.

HOW EXACTLY TO Use Animal Control Poles: Pet control poles should just be used confidently. Please read these pointers carefully for proper make use of, and always call animal control if the situation seems out of your control.

  • First and most importantly, animals should never be lifted or dragged with the pole. It is meant as a tool to guide animals into or out of kennels, or into or out of vehicles, etc. A ramp will become helpful if guiding an animal into a vehicle.
  • The noose should never be positioned only around the animal’s neck. Proper use entails looping the noose under one front side arm and around the neck, so the noose cannot strangle the animal.
  • They cannot be used on cats or small animals (like rabbits) because the risk of death or injury is too high to risk use.
  • Using this tool on wildlife is limited, but is great for using with raccoons, getting them out of cages, etc.
  • These are meant to be a temporary restraint in both control and rescue situations, so make sure you know where you are taking the animal before using the pole.
  • If animal control poles seem too complicated or daunting to use, you can try utilizing a Y-pole, which is a pole with two padded prongs in a y-shape at the end, which can be used to softly pin an animal to the wall or cage so it can be approached or handled.
  • There are many models of pet control poles available, thus ensure that your pole is the best size and duration to meet your requirements.

Wildlife Control + Critter Removal You Can Trust

  • Wildlife X Group critter control and wildlife removal professionals are specifically trained and outfitted to handle nearly every urban and suburban wildlife control circumstances. Within our critter removal providers consist of mouse control, rat extermination and squirrel control in addition to home protection from various other invaders like raccoons, opossums, snakes, bats, skunks, moles, chipmunks and more.
  • And we don’t visit obtaining them out. Our certified and experienced wildlife control and removal

Professionals will pinpoint the way the unnecessary guests have found their method in and offer a detailed intend to maintain them out completely. Wildlife X Team offers total removal, disinfection and reinstallation of broken insulation.

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