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Artificial Turf Installation Birmingham UK

The ConsumerGrass Installation and Maintenance division is involved in every aspect of the construction of sub-bases for artificial turf fields from the design phase to construction to inspection. The division actually manages development, advising and inspection. Before any project is certainly initiated, our experienced technical staff and civil technicians perform an onsite pre-inspection. The purpose of this is definitely to gather all relevant data on the unique features and difficulties project. The pre-inspection looks at a sponsor of factors including (but not limited to) climatic data, height levels, sizes, ground description, and drainage.

We do this as a preventive measure. It allows us to determine installation problems before they happen and raises our level of control over the building of constructions and installation of our synthetic grass item. Artificial Turf Installation Birmingham, Consumer Grass is one of the UK’s leading Artificial Grass Birmingham installers operating and servicing clients throughout the West Midlands area. Book a free site visit today.

It also assists us warranty constant quality criteria and develop an appropriate, professional maintenance plan for every person set up. Every set up performed by ConsumerGrass is normally prepared by our professional specialized style group. Functioning with the most up-to-date CAD / CAM technology, they help to make certain the accuracy installation of sub-base, drainage systems and grass. Functioning carefully with regional installation teams are civil technicians. Their job is certainly to ensure that each and every ConsumerGrass playing surface matches or exceeds the exacting requirements arranged forth by FIFA whenever required.

The team at ConsumerGrass also develops and implements an appropriate professional maintenance and cleaning program for every artificial turf installation. We can routine this as either an once-off or on an ongoing contractual basis. ConsumerGrass artificial grass is certainly more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a total panorama system. The artificial grass system includes preparation of the floor the artificial grass will become installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass” blades. ConsumerGrass artificial grass for residential landscaping fits the appear and experience of true lawn. Artificial lawn needs small to no maintenance.


The quality of a ConsumerGrass artificial turf sports field system is not driven by simply the quality of the playing surface area, but by the sum total of elements that go into its construction. The requirements of municipal system during the structure stage are essential to the quality and achievement of the expire item. Our comprehensive, global network of companions may offer assistance and information in sub-base structure and, when needed, the set up of pre-fabricated, custom made constructed surprise topper (a FIFA regular).

Effective release of water from the surface area of the playing field requires a great top to bottom and side to side drainage system. These requirements to end up being skillfully constructed in purchase to make sure that the playing surface area is normally up to regular. Through these same companions, ConsumerGrass advises on and presents comprehensive maintenance plans that are vital to the long term playability of the synthetic turf. Certain maintenance actions are also required under the terms and conditions of your warranty with ConsumerGrass.

The finish line result of a field designed and built by ConsumerGrass is one that will ultimately require a minimum amount of maintenance and provide a durable, world-class surface for years to come. One important element of the advancement of soccer is definitely having adequate playing fields that can be used for gameplay throughout the entire yr. skilled players of any age need a place they can consistently change to for improving their skills and actualizing their dreams of becoming tomorrow’s legends.

At Consumer Grass we not only supply beautiful synthetic grass but are also experts in artificial grass installation. We service all of the West Midlands including Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield and can provide free samples of our artificial turf on request. You can also use our online price estimator to get an instant quote of how very much it would price for a brand brand-new, completely installed, artificial yard. If you are searching for artificial lawn in Birmingham get in touch with us today. We are also trade artificial lawn merchants to many businesses in the Western world Midlands and beyond.

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