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Restaurant desk bases differ in size, shape, and weight. Each business has unique characteristics and style, thus choosing the right base for your application can be difficult but there are plenty of choices available. We have many restaurant table bases for sale, so this guide will help you thin down your options to fit your needs.

Metal table bases – Base Accessories

The very last thing you will need to decide is if you would like any accessories for your base. Foundation accessories are footrings, anti-sag support pubs, modesty sections, and cable management systems. Footrings are excellent for bar dining tables. They enable you to rest your ft on the bottom in order that they are not remaining dangling from a pub stool. Modesty sections and cable management systems have apparent uses in office configurations.

Shop Round Bases

Probably one of the most popular foundation styles for restaurants, they are best used in the blend with circular table tops. Balance is improved when attaching a circular desktop to a circular foundation rather than square one. Feet positioning is also improved with a set surface for customer comfort.

Shop Rectangle / Square Bases

They are a great solution for much larger tables that want several bases. With a huge surface, square and rectangle bases offer great balance and feet space.

Shop X-Shaped Bases

These functional restaurant desk bases enable more storage space room for seats. With fewer surfaces than square or rounded bases, this enables seats to be forced in further under the desk. As a result of this, they are generally preferred over rectangular or rectangular bases when space is bound.

Shop Tripod Bases

Just like the X-shaped bases, these bases offer more room for chairs but at a cost. They aren’t as steady as the round or square bases because of their smaller surface area. They are good to use with any tabletop shape.

Shop Bolt Down Bases

These posts are designed to bolt or anchor to the floor or any flat solid surface. They provide a secure connection and prevent table movement. Keep in mind that this restaurant table base style is a more permanent solution for table placement. Make sure your placement of tables with bolt down bases will be a dedicated permanent location.

Required Height

Table bases come in a variety of heights, and some can also be custom cut to your specified height. The most common table base heights are:

Desk or Office Height = 28″

Counter Top Height = 34″ to 36″

Pub or Pub Elevation = 40″ to 44″

Table or office elevation table bases are generally found in office and educational applications but are also applied to kitchen dining tables. Table or office elevation dining tables are what you will think of as traditional or standard elevation dining tables. Countertop elevation desk bases are mostly found in kitchens for dining tables, kitchen islands, and peninsulas, breakfast time nooks, or countertop overhangs. However, they may also be used on standing up workstations. Pub or pub elevation desk bases are applied to bar dining tables, pub overhangs, and pub extensions.

Static or Mobile

Another factor you will need to decide on is mobility. Most tables will use standard table bases and will not be mounted to the floor. In some cases, as in some restaurant tables, you may want to have the table base bolted to the floor for additional stability and security. In addition, you will need to decide if you want your table base to be on tires or casters. There are very a few desk bases that include casters in the event you will need extra mobility.

Number of Bases

The amount of table bases that you utilize for your table depends on two factors: table dimensions and base type. In case your desk is 8′ x 4′, you aren’t going to have the ability to use just one single base. Even the biggest desk bases have a limit to how much overhang it is designed for. The base producer should specify the utmost size desk for that one base. There are many base types that want anyway two bases. It is because of the way the bases were created. C-bases, H-bases, and T-bases need at least two bases to become stable.

Base Spread

The bottom spread will regulate how stable your bottom is and can define the utmost dimensions of your table. Generally, the smaller the bottom spread, small the desktop. You’ll not want to employ a foundation with a 6″ bottom spread on the 48″ desk, at least not if you would like your desk to be position upright… Incidentally, bottom spreads generally do not come that small. Bases will most likely feature a foundation passes on of 16″ up to 60″ for a few really large bases.

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