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Get rid of household insects without using pesticides

             Cockroach pest causing serious epidemics and disease transfer as it evokes disgust and dismay among members of the House, and gives the impression of any visitors to the House is not clean, so we will give you a set of steps that work to prevent and reduce the spread of these disgusting and harmful insect and we will give you solutions to eliminate them Permanently.

Ways to get rid of household insects without using pesticides

At first you should do fill any gap or hole or opportunity may be the cause of making your home a refuge for that bug and insect entry into the House like cockroaches or other vermin.

Get rid of junk and don’t leave it in your House, even if the garbage or litter box is not completely filled just disposed of is my favorite spaces in which to grow and roaches hide and proliferate.

 Plastic bags especially wet bags which are one of the best environments in which they grow bugs, cockroaches and ants in particular those bags have odors or eat left this will protect your home easier on you and you’re cleaning up a lot.

Also make sure the continuous drying in places that may be more prone to getting wet and parking the water down the kitchen sink or bathroom and fill all cracks that may can cockroach entering into the home especially sinks and fissures continue periodically to spray pesticide sterile and these objects such as The dettole and chlorine.

Always do your continuous and periodic cleaning of the kitchen and include kitchen and storage utensils, preferably empty pots and make sure there are no eggs for this bug and all dishwashing and drying is important before you return their order again.

Don’t choose the cockroaches clean place and exposed to become the Lair and breeding and laying eggs but also choose places clean and well ventilated and dark others mostly like behind the closet and under the bed and kitchen shelves in each place wet and dirty and hidden is considered an ideal environment to breed this insect, do Put the beads of naphthalene in those places because insects generally don’t like the smell of mothballs.

National development of wire on your Windows and doors that open carry around too long because they come in many different sizes and numbers through these ports and the following sections also recommended closing all these ports or wire fabrics especially in the evening as well as cracks and that way also succeed in getting rid of gnats Flies and prevent his entry to the House.

Always make sure to dry the possible places where cockroaches presence like kitchens and bathrooms lack water for cockroaches cause eliminated during the week she can’t patience more than one week on the water while the patient with food months almost forced to flee from the place that has no water.


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